Yahina Anna «Customer data and analytical CRM»

In the modern world, marketing has become human-centric. As a result, there is an opinion that consumers have more rights than ever, but the same can be said about companies. Due to the many different types of data and information companies can create products and implement marketing programs that most accurately satisfy customer needs and provide a higher level of satisfaction.

According to Criteo, omnichannel retailers using online and offline data have 4 times more information to optimize their marketing efforts[1].At all points of contact modern companies can collect a large amount of marketing data about customers, which can be used to improve segmentation and build omnichannel marketing. Depending on the model of the user path map, a wide range of data sources can be used. For example, in digital space web analytics, social media analytics and session recording can be data sources. Offline contact points can be measured using quality research from customers and stakeholders.

IBM divides all customer information into 4 segments that answer 4 questions[2]

  1. Where? — interactive information (transcriptions of email messages or chat conversations, records in call centers, personal dialogs, web-click records);
  2. Who? — descriptive information (socio / demo / geographic information, user profiles);
  3. What? — behavioral information (history of orders, purchases, payments, use of the service);
  4. Why? — relative information (marketing research)

Based on different types of information, it is possible to form consumer profiles and build communications depending on customer profile. The use of this data can provide a significant advantage for increasing the relevance and personalization of marketing offers[3]


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Спирёнкина Виктория: «Аналитический CRM в банковской сфере. Как отвечать высоким потребительским ожиданиям?»

43% клиентов считают, что банки не в состоянии персонализировать свои предложения. Лишь 23% всех банков удовлетворяют ожиданиям потребителей. [1] Почему так происходит?