Elena Dzeranova «Audit, planning and CRM projects management»

What is project management? Project management is related to some innovations launch. To do this process more effective scope of actions should be classified on stages: create/ initiate an idea, research the possibility of launch and explore feasibility of resources, planning, launch, control. 

The same scheme should be valid for CRM projects. On planning “stage” the path to the idea should be described detailed. 

Also there is an opinion that CRM strategy should be put into action by implementing CRM project focusing on the success factors within each component of CRM. Consequently, implementing each success factors should be measured to ensure successful implementation of CRM project. Audit may also be related to lessons learnt process.

Actually the results of project launch can be measured by audit. It can be like a post launch tool. But anyway audit can be used on planning stage the same if needed. Project audit allows uncover the issues, concerns and challenges during the project lifecycle.

There are also two key factors for successful CRM projects: Employs and customers. One of the main purposes of CRM is managing beneficial relationship on different aspects of consumers. 

Complexity of CRM projects is connected with necessity to satisfy the interests of company and moreover building strong relations with the consumer. That means that planning process and audit are ones of key elements for its realization. 


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