Krezova Anastasia «Features of CRM in HORECA»

HoReCa is one of the largest segments of the service sector, which includes in itself a hospitality and catering industry (restaurants, cafes, catering), which has its own unique features. That is why it is very important to develop a CRM in this direction, since it is in HoReCa that the client, his relationship with the company, buying behavior and emotional reaction play a significant role. The main goal of each restaurant, hotel and cafe (including services such as Delivery Club) — multiple return of the client. Secondary — the growth of the cost of the requested service and the expansion of the customer base.

All these aspects are applied in companies which develop their relationships with customers and counterparties. Thanks to the established CRM, hotel administrators know that a certain regular guest is a vegetarian, and another needs to have more towels in the room, hence, there is emphasis on personalization. Each major chain has loyalty cards that not only provide a customer base for future use, but also provide guests with bonuses that encourage them to return to the same chain.

In restaurants, a human factor plays an essential role in a relationship management with guests thus the work of the staff constantly needs to be improved. For example, reviews — both offline and online (including leveling of the negative comments) allow you to understand the weaknesses and strengths in the work of the staff, which shows where an improvement has to be done in order to improve customer satisfaction[1]. Nevertheless, it is an extremely rare case to personalize an offer to the client. It’s easier for large aggregators of food delivery because of the work online: there is a possibility of making personalized offers, SMS and email newsletters. At the same time, it is important to remain unobtrusive, as many recent studies have focused on the fact that customers (mostly Millennials) can have an aggressive reaction to such a personalized offer, by worrying about preservation of their personal data[2].

Therefore, the main feature of HoReCa in CRM is the emphasis not on quantity, but on quality, that is, more attention is paid to personalization, emotional impact and the human factor. At the same time, it is important to maintain a balance and not to forget about a non-intrusiveness protection.


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Гаврилова Ульяна: «Особенности CRM в индустрии HORECA»

HORECA — сегмент сферы услуг, который включает в себя индустрию гостеприимства и общественного питания (рестораны, кафе, кейтеринг). Данное понятие активно используется участниками гостиничного и ресторанного бизнеса для определения их принадлежности к данному рынку.